QED is a Brussels based meeting organiser specialised in EU public affairs events. Our team combines profound knowledge of EU affairs with many years of experience in event management.


We believe that through discussion and debate we can create better understanding and in the end better policy making.


We are divided into two lines of business:
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Martin Sjöberg

Martin Sjöberg

Managing Director & Founding Partner


Before founding QED, Martin was Director of European Affairs at the CFA Institute where he was responsible for the Brussels office. He wrote consultation responses, organized events and had frequent contacts with regulators and policy makers. Prior to joining CFA Institute, Martin worked as Head of Office and Political Advisor to a Member of the European Parliament and former Governor of the Swedish Central Bank.

Before that, Martin worked at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, first as Project Coordinator at the International Department and then as Head of Economic Analysis at the Public Affairs Department. Martin has also worked as an Economist at Nordea Bank.

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Adam Lindmark

Adam Lindmark

Founding Partner, Director Events & External Relations  


Adam is responsible for QED's event activities and external relations. He is heading QED’s relationship with current members and the recruitment of new members. Through dialogue with both EU decision makers, QED members and other stakeholders, Adam is making sure that the event agenda is covering topics of highest interest to the both EU officials and industry stakeholders.


Apart from QED’s own-initiated events, Adam is leading QED’s business development activities and coordination of QED’s bespoke events to Federations, Associations, Corporates and other stakeholders in Brussels and across the European Union. Adam coordinates events of different size & concept, within various policy fields but particularly ins financial services, transportation, environment and digital.


Adam has a background in international business and sales. He was previously working as a metal trader for a Brussels based commodities firm. Prior to this, Adam worked for the Swedish Trade Council in Paris where he focused on event management, sales and B2B between Swedish and French Companies. Adam is fluent in Swedish, French and English.


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Jonas Lundqvist

Jonas Lundqvist

Founding Partner, Director Strategy & Development 


Jonas has extensive knowledge/expertise from public affairs events, policymaking and regulatory affairs. He has more than six years experience as a Public Affairs consultant at Publicis Groupe in Brussels.


Prior to joining Publicis Groupe, Jonas worked for five years in the European Parliament as political adviser and Head of a MEP Office. Before his time in Brussels, in 2003 he worked as consultant at KPMG and PriceWaterhouse Coopers.

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Kennedy Hlahla

Kennedy Hlahla

External Relations Manager


Kennedy's role is generating and supporting strong relationships with key stakeholders within the European Union. Kennedy maintains a keen understanding of industry trends affecting clients and make appropriate recommendations regarding event strategy surrounding them. He also supports network building, including developing new partnerships, profiling QED, locating new business opportunities and promoting collaborative activities and key relationships with decision-makers and private companies.


Kennedy holds an MBA and has a strong background in International business sales. He began his career in the financial services sector before making the move to corporate B2B sales in the software industry. He is fluent in English, French and Shona and has basic knowledge of Swahili and Portuguese.

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Crina Petrea

Crina-Alexandra Petrea

Manager, Communication & Design


Crina is responsible for communication and design work. She has a background in informatics, communication, advertising, PR and media and has previously worked at inOras ( with web administration, social media and event coordination. She is fluent in Romanian and English and has basic knowledge of French and Dutch.

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Alina-Maria Gervan

Office Manager


Alina's responsibilities lie within office management including purchasing. She is also working with invoicing and accounting. In addition, Alina is in charge of the registration and database management.


Alina has a background in business administration and languages and a master's degree in management. She is fluent in Romanian, English and French.

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Caterina Momi

Event Manager


Caterina is responsible for inviting and booking speakers for QED own-initiated events, for which she regularly interacts with national regulators' offices, as well as academic institutions, policy makers, and non-governmental organisations, identifying potential speakers.


She is also the coordinator for our bespoke events, for which she manages the communication with the venues and all subcontractors involved in the event preparation.She has a master's degree in multilingual communication and international relations, and speaks fluent English, French, Spanish and Italian.

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Yoana Yotova

Communication and Design


Yoana is responsible for updating QED's website as well as designing all the electronic event documents with the latest programmes concerning the on-going projects. She also takes care of the follow-up materials, such as video and photo editing.

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Véronique Joncas

Event Coordination


Véronique is the event coordinator for QED own-initiated events. She is in close contact with venues and subcontractors, as well as with the confirmed panelists, handling the speaker management. She is responsible for booking the venues and subcontractors for all QED own-initiated conferences.

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Iveta Cádrová

Event Coordination


Iveta is the event coordinator for QED own-initiated events. She is in close contact with venues and subcontractors, as well as with the confirmed panelists, handling the speaker management. She is responsible for booking the venues and subcontractors for all QED own-initiated conferences.