QED Virtual Conference on Instant Payments

Q3 2021 | 14.30 - 17.00 CET | Virtual networking from 14.00




14.00 - 15.30 | Panel 1 - The Global Perspective


14.30 - 14.35   Introductory remarks by moderator

14.35 - 15.10   Introductory remarks by speakers 

15.10 - 16.10   Panel Discussion and Q&A

16.10 - 17.00   Virtual networking



Discussion points


•  How are instant payments developing in Europe?

•  Should instant payments become the ‘new normal'?

•  Is legislation needed to achieve this or are the other policy options that would be more suitable?

•  How do we avoid fragmentation?

•  Should banks and PSPs be mandated to adhere to the SEPA SCT Instant Payments rules?

•  Does instant payments currently offer sufficient consumer protection?

•  What are the costs, and should instant payments be price regulated?

•  The European Commission’s vision is “competitive and home-grown payment solutions, supporting Europe’s economic and financial sovereignty”. To what extent is this vision shared by different industry players, merchants, consumers and other stakeholders?

•  What is needed to boost pan-European instant payments in Europe and encourage further uptake?

•  What is needed in terms of standardization to support the development of pan-European instant payments?





Robrecht Vandormael Secretary General, Payments Europe

Jonathan Quin Head of Europe Strategy, Ant Group

DG FISMA, Unit B3 name of speaker tbc

European Central Bank name of speaker tbc



Moderated by Jack Schickler Senior Financial Services Correspondent, MLex Market Insight




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